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Tips for Normal Childbirth Without Suture

Having a baby is a happy gift. However, many expectant mothers feel afraid when they face the process of giving birth. One cause of this concern is pain when sewn. But actually, Mother can give birth normally without stitches. In normal labor, the area of the perineum (the area between the vagina and the anus) is able to stretch when the baby is out. However, the risk of tearing perineum if the strain is too strong or less elastic perineum. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to take episiotomy or perineal clipping to make it easier for the baby to be born, and to prevent tears in the perineum toward the anus. Not all perineums that are torn during childbirth need to be sewn. Suture is only necessary if the perineal tear is deep and wide enough to reach the muscle tissue, vaginal wall, urinary tract, or anus. Meanwhile, if the tear is mild and does not affect these parts, usually there is no need for sewing. Some factors that can increase the risk of perineal tearing are: First
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You may have wished that you didn't need to repeatedly apply lipstick or lipstick to keep it looking attractive with flushed red lips. Actually there are natural ways to redden the lips that can be done easily at home. There are many factors that can cause lips to become darker in adults, ranging from smoking, to consuming too much caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. In addition, excessive sun exposure, lack of fluids, and too often licking the lips can also cause lips to become darker. These habits need to be avoided so that lip effort can appear redder naturally. Various Natural Ways to Redden the Lips In addition to avoiding the habit above, here are some natural ways to redden your lips that you can try: Make use of honey and sugar Besides being used as a sweetener for food and drinks, honey and sugar can also be used as a natural scrub to redden the lips. How to use it: mix 1 teaspoon of sugar with 1 teaspoon of honey, then, apply the natural scrub to the surface of th

Mother, This is How to Maintain Children's Eye Health

The eye is often referred to as the window to the world. That is why maintaining children's eye health is important, because it plays a role in the process of growth and development. Mother can even take care of your baby's eye health since he was in the womb. There are various effects that can be felt by children when experiencing eye health problems. Ranging from difficulty in reading, until hampered learning various things. Various Ways to Maintain Children's Eye Health There are various ways that parents can take care of their children's eye health, such as: Stimulation of children's vision There are many ways you can do to stimulate your child's vision to develop properly. One of them is giving him interesting toys with various shapes and colors. Still make sure the toys that are given are safe for Little Yes, Bun. Use sunglasses when outdoors If it will be a long activity under the hot sun, children are advised to use sunglasses. This is to